News Report: Crisis at Homurahara Academy

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News Report: Crisis at Homurahara Academy

Post by Damascus on Thu Jun 09, 2016 6:57 pm

Shortly after sundown, a breaking news report comes on TV:

"Reports are coming in of a crisis at Homurahara Academy, located in the Miyama district in Fuyuki City.

Shortly after classes were scheduled to end today, concerned parents began to call the police that their children had not returned from school. The phones at the school seemed to be disconnected when attempts to call the school were made. Shortly after, police were dispatched to Homurahara to investigate.

As of press time, police have been unable to enter the school, though little information has been given as to the reason. Police are reporting an "unexplained obstacle" is preventing them from entering the school grounds. All attempts to contact students and faculty inside have been unsuccessful.

We will keep you updated on all developments."


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