Mari Himeno(姫野マリ)

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Mari Himeno(姫野マリ)

Post by fuyumin on Sat Aug 27, 2016 8:27 pm

Name: Mari Himeno
Gender: cis female
Age: 19
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Elemental Affinity: Fire
--Strength: A
--Agility: C
--Alertness: C
--Endurance: B
--Mana: D
--Luck: C

Appearance: Hair bleached a brassy blonde with dark roots growing out, messily cut to shoulder length with uneven bangs. Faint burn scars from her fingers to halfway down her forearms, as well as acne scars and healing piercings on her face. Frequently wears a military jacket with worn t-shirts and jeans or belted mechanic jumpsuits with the top left hanging open. Often seen smoking; 5'4", slim figured, broody.

Background: The younger daughter of a racetrack bookie and a hospital orderly, Mari was offered a job at 16 to work in the pachinko parlor of a "family friend." She was gradually trusted as a runner and smuggler, and joined the gang family officially after dropping out of school. By the time she was 17, she had already moved out of her family home and lived in an apartment with two other parlor girls. The real work didn't start coming in until one of the family underlings saw the flames spark out of her fingertips. There was money to be made in her strange gift - whether it was covering up a scandal, getting a loan from insurance, or putting someone back in their place. Her parents had given up on her long ago, but to this day she keeps in touch with her older sister, Emi, who married the family's eldest son. It can easily be said that Mari's magic, combined with Emi's diplomacy, are the strongest factors keeping the girl in respectful esteem. She officially quits her parlor job after her command seals appear, and is given a stipend and allowed access to a small property granted to her by the head boss, to be left in her care until "she wins or dies."

Personality: Guarded and aggressive, especially towards men. She's always ready for a fight, and has been in many scraps against girl gang rivals and yakuza officials alike, but is always amenable to being allies instead, especially with other girl gangsters. She can be stubborn and often tries too hard to "play it cool," but is just as insecure as any other girl her age. Likes fresh mango, racing video games, and sleeping in sunshine. Dislikes drunk salarymen, long lectures, and constant pachinko machine noise. Gives up her seat on the bus for small children and pregnant women and leaves leftover food out for cats.

Motivation: If asked, she'll say that her boss wanted her to fight. In truth, she's curious about magecraft and magic, having been cut off from it for much of her life. When her abilities first showed, her father seemed even more distant, almost disappointed or... Scared. There are too many blank spaces that need to be filled in. Why won't her father talk about his parents? Why didn't anyone tell her magic could be real? She wishes... People would stop lying and hiding when keeping secrets is more dangerous. She wishes a lot of things, some smarter than others. Even if she can't decide on a wish, more than anything, she wants to learn the truth. She wants to see the Grail.


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Re: Mari Himeno(姫野マリ)

Post by Damascus on Mon Sep 05, 2016 11:23 pm

Mari's Command Spells have appeared. You are free to summon a Servant, pick a base, and get playin!


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