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When it comes to Servant skills, stats, combat, and magecraft, everything will be depending on a series of ranks.  These are fairly straightforward, and go as follows:

E, D, C, B, A, EX

The five main ranks represent number values as follows:
E = 10
D = 20
C = 30
B = 40
A = 50
EX represents a value so high as to be incalculable.  EX stats cannot be overcome by any means, so they are functionally infinite.  (This does not make them all-powerful, however.  For example, an EX attack can still be countered by a skill that cancels attacks of a certain type regardless of their rank.)

Skills can also be N/A, where numbers aren’t really appropriate to describe, and 0 for skills that have either been completely lost or reduced so much as to be ineffective.

Stats can also have modifiers such as +, ++, +++, or -.  Plus-signs indicate skills that can temporarily multiply in power, usually at the cost of some mana.  Minus-signs indicate unstable skills or powers that can temporarily decrease in power, without the Servant’s control.

+ = doubled
++ = tripled
+++ = quadrupled
- = halved

For example, an A++ skill indicates a skill that is normally at 50, but under certain circumstances can spike to 150.

Servant Stats

The most important stats that a Servant has are their Health Points (HP) and Mana Points (MP).  These are very closely linked; if a Servant reaches zero in either stat, they will die.  There are only a few exceptions to this rule, such as the skill “Battle Continuation.”

Health Points are equal to the Servant’s Endurance rank x10.
Mana Points are equal to the Servant’s Mana rank x10.

Each Servant also has five basic stats that determine their overall capabilities and aptitude:

Strength:  This determines how much damage an attack deals when it hits.
Agility: This determines a Servant’s aptitude for dodging attacks, and determining turn order.
Endurance:  This determines how many Health Points a Servant has.
Mana: This determines how many Mana Points a Servant has.
Luck: This determines the success of saving throws.

Noble Phantasms also have rank, but are not equivalent to the ranks of other skills.  Typically, a Noble Phantasm rank will have double or triple the value of normal skills. The precise value depends on the specific Noble Phantasm.

Master Stats

Masters will also have their own stats, but are not considered comparable to a Servant’s.  For example, no matter what a Master’s Agility rank is, they would never be able to dodge a Servant’s Attack.  Also, though their Mana Points will be roughly equal to a Servant’s, as they are still human, their Health Points are far lower.

Health Points are equal to the Master’s Endurance.
Mana Points are equal to the Servant’s Mana rank x10.

Masters have the same five stats as Servants, plus Alertness, as Servants have the natural ability to be fully aware of their surroundings at all times.  Since combat works differently for Masters, these ranks are used purely for CLASHES.

Strength:  Aptitude for melee combat.
Agility: Aptitude for dodging and stealth.
Alertness:  Aptitude for scouting and ranged weapons.
Endurance:  This determines how many Health Points a Master has.
Mana: This determines how many Mana Points a Master has.
Luck: This determines the success of saving throws.


Servants and Masters will both take a lot of damage during the Holy Grail War, but there are several methods of healing damage.  Servants can naturally convert 10 Mana Points to Health Points per turn to heal over time.

Masters and other Magus can also use Magecraft to heal injuries.  A healing spell will replenish a number of Health Points equivalent to its rank.


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