[A Reply from the Burial Agency]

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[A Reply from the Burial Agency]

Post by Damascus on Sun Jan 31, 2016 9:32 pm

Around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, a pigeon arrives at both the Tohsaka Mansion and Fuyuki Church with messages for Lazarus and Kirei.  The letter reads as follows:

"To Lazarus Quinlan/Kirei Kotomine,

The Burial Agency has received word of a Dead Apostle within Fuyuki City. After a brief investigation, we have confirmed the threat. The Dead Apostle--known as Malphas--has been selected as Master in the Fuyuki ritual and been given command of a powerful Heroic Spirit. As far as we can surmise, Malphas and his associated Spirit have been responsible for at least a dozen deaths, and it can be reasonably concluded that he is capable of doing much more before the ritual's conclusion.

This discovery troubles the Church greatly. The Burial Agency is dedicated to the goal of destroying heretics and all those that pose a significant danger to humankind. As such, heavy consideration must be given toward a ritual that grants such extreme power to a creature so heinous as a Dead Apostle. The Church is now left with the grave decision regarding the continuation of the Holy Grail War.

As we understand it, a representative of the Church is currently acting as a mediator of the Grail War, so we will allow the mediator one chance to resolve the situation internally. The participants of the Grail War have 48 hours to destroy the Dead Apostle and its Servant. If this does not come to pass, the Burial Agency will have no choice but to declare the Grail War a danger to mankind, and will intervene to destroy the War's participants.

We hope that our trust is not misplaced.  We will be dispatching a representative of the Agency to oversee the situation and determine whether intervention is necessary.  Good luck.

First Executor of the Burial Agency
Holy Church"


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