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[[A dull throbbing ran through the Command Seals of the seven Masters in Fuyuki.  An unconscious message enters their minds.  The seventh Servant has arrived in Fuyuki City.  The Holy Grail War has begun.]]

To the south of Shinto, on a hill looking down upon the town, a lonely church stood in the dark.

Inside, an old priest stared at a large candelabra holding seven candles, six of which were lit.  As he stared, the seventh candle lit itself suddenly.  The Mediator heaved a deep breath.

"The Holy Grail War has begun," came a voice behind him.  Risei turned to his son, standing behind him, dispassionately staring at the same candles.

"So it would seem," Risei answered.  "This is the moment I have waited for for the last 60 years.  The Holy Grail will not be lost again."

[[You are now free to seek out and battle your opponents. Or if you wish, you can stay put and keep defensive. My four Servants will be doing their own things as well, so don't feel obligated to keep moving!]]


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