Prologue: The City of Fuyuki [Airport]

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Prologue: The City of Fuyuki [Airport]

Post by Damascus on Sat Jul 25, 2015 9:39 pm

The sun was shining bright overhead when the private jet touched down at the airport.  When the staircase rolled up to the plane, and the door opened, a young silver-haired woman stepped out into the sunlight.

She quickly shielded her eyes from the blazing sun overhead.  "Ah... so this is Japan?  It's much warmer here than I was expecting!"  She took a few steps down to allow room for the man behind her to exit.

"What do you think, Saber? How was your first time flying in an airplane?"

The young man tightened his tie uncomfortably.  "A bit uncomfortable," he grumbled.  "I prefer to have my feet on solid ground."

"Not impressed?" Irisviel asked.  "They certainly didn't have anything like this back in your day!"

Saber followed Irisviel down the staircase toward a black limousine that awaited them.  "When Servants are summoned, we are given a general amount of knowledge about the era we are summoned into.  In fact, as a member of the Saber class, I have a fairly high rank in the Riding skill. Chances are, I can fly an airplane like this."

Irisviel blinked in surprise. "You can fly an airplane?  That's pretty impressive!"

Saber chuckled and shrugged nonchalantly.  Once the two entered the limousine, the chaffeur immediately pulled away from the airplane and left the airport.  Both stared out the windows as they drove through the business district of Shinto, watching the high-rise hotels and bright signs go by.

"Such a beautiful city," Irisviel sighed.  "The Holy Grail War doesn't start for another few weeks. We should take some time to enjoy ourselves!"

"I don't think that's a good idea," said Saber.  "We should find a fortifiable position and start to form strategies."

"But that's not nearly as fun!" Irisviel sang.

Saber shot her a look of slight irritation, quashing Irisviel's peppy attitude.  They sat in silence for some time, before Irisviel spoke again, more somberly.

"You know, I've never been to the city before."

Saber arched an eyebrow.  "To Fuyuki?"

"To any city. Before now, I've never left Einzbern Castle. It's not like I'm totally ignorant of the outside world, but it's my first time seeing it with my own two eyes."  He stared down bashfully at her lap.  "That's why... Until the fighting starts, I'd like enjoy what time I have left."

Saber stared at her for a moment, before awkwardly adjusting his tie again.  "When you put it that way, it's difficult to say no. In that case, I might as well enjoy the town too."  He scratched the side of his head.  "I'm not too sure about this disguise, though. My hair kind of stands out."

Irisviel giggled.  "I think blonde looks good on you!"


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