Plot Summary (Singularity 1 - Orleans)

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Plot Summary (Singularity 1 - Orleans)

Post by Damascus on Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:48 pm

*Mordred, having read the journal left behind by her past incantation, finds and confronts Artoria. Having spent the last ten-odd years dwelling on their last encounter, Artoria admits that she was a flawed King. She'd spent her life as a Servant wishing to go back and fix her mistakes, but that Britain is long gone and never coming back. She's going to try to be better.

*Da Vinci finds Lazarus and tells him about Marisbury's experiments on children, which he carried out to perfect his Servant summoning system. The same experiment resulted in Mashu becoming a Demi-Servant. In light of this, and the stress he was under at the time, his suicide seems understandable, but they both still suspect Lev to have had a hand in it.

*Da Vinci fills the group in on their first destination: France 1431 AD. It's the midst of the Hundred Years' War. She has no idea what they should expect, only to keep an eye out for changes in the timeline. The team is as follows:
--Mari => Mordred
--Avalon => Artoria
--Aaron => Paracelsus => Darius

*The group Rayshifts to their destination.

*The group appears on a hillside in the French countryside. They find a road and follow it until they find a platoon of French soldiers. Struggling through the language barrier, they learn that Jeanne d'Arc, who was recently burned at the stake, has apparently been revived. She overran Orleans with dragons and killed the king.
*The group follows the soldiers to a nearby fort to help with the victims of a recent attack. From there they decide to head straight to Orleans to take out Jeanne.

*On the way to Orleans, they come upon the scene of an even more recent attack and draw the attention of the culprits: Jeanne, accompanied by four other Servants and a fuckton of dragons.
*After a short battle, Mordred attempts to take out Jeanne with her Noble Phantasm, but Jeanne reflects it back on them with her own NP, Le Grondement de la Haine. The party is forced to retreat.

*The party flees to a nearby forest to recover, but they're followed there by the Rider that had been accompanying Jeanne. She tells them she doesn't want to serve Jeanne, but is forced to because she was summoned with a Berserk Attribute.
*She tells them to find a dragon slayer in Lyon, who will help them take down Jeanne and her dragons. Unable to hold back any longer, she identifies herself as Saint Martha, then attacks the group, forcing them to take her down.


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