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Aaron DiSorvin

Post by Kittenboxxing on Fri Dec 09, 2016 11:17 pm

Name:Aaron DiSorvin
Gender: male
Age: 25
Alignment: chaotic neutral

Elemental Affinity (optional, if you want to give your character a special touch): Wind

Stats: Give a rank to each of your stats, with a total no more than 200. A=50, B=40, C=30, D=20, E=10.
--Strength: C
--Agility: D
--Alertness: B
--Endurance: A
--Mana: A
--Luck: E

Appearance: Aaron is short and muscular. He has very tan skin, blonde hair, and eyes as blue as the carribean sea. He's very well groomed, but often sports injuries from his husband.
Background: Aaron Autenne was born to two powerful American mages. They were part of the social elite, and were generally horrible people. His father was overly cruel to his mother, and she unfortunately died of an STD she received from him. He kept her from getting treatment for it because he didn't want his secret to get out. Aaron despises his abusive father, and thought no better of his mother. Aside from holding many of the same opinions his father did, just more quietly, she allowed herself to be controlled completely by this man, which Aaron saw as a weakness. He spent much of his teenage years trying his best to destroy his father's reputation. He partied, did drugs, and was even arrested quite a few times for his intoxicated behavior in public. When he was seventeen, he met Julian DiSorvin and fell quickly under his spell (not an actual one, of course, though Julian is no pushover as a mage). They were married within only a few months of meeting, and quickly, Julian began to become extremely controlling and abusive. Aaron is under Julian's thumb, and loves him more than anything in the world.
Personality: Aaron is intense, angry, and sarcastic, but will do whatever Julian asks.
Motivation: He received his command spells, and came to get the grail for his husband. He plans to defeat the other masters, and then wait with the grail until Julian can safely come to Japan. Aaron will then wish whatever Julian asks him to.


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