Servant Application [2/4 approved]

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Servant Application [2/4 approved]

Post by Damascus on Tue Jul 14, 2015 6:46 pm

Here is where players can sign up to play the Servants.  You can choose which Class you'd like to play, but unlike Masters, you do not get to choose the characters themselves.

The Classes are:  
Saber - NPC
Archer - Kayte
Caster - fuyumin
Assassin - NPC

Just post in this thread calling which Class you'd like to play; first come, first serve! Once we are ready to start roleplaying, I will give you your character sheet outlining your identity, personality, and abilities.

Here are the descriptions for each of the seven classes:


SABER is the Heroic Spirit of the Sword.  It is considered one of the three Knight classes along with Lancer and Archer.  Servants placed within this class are agile and powerful melee warriors adept at swordsmanship, boasting high ratings in all categories, and they are often heroes from the Age of Gods when magecraft was still commonplace. The qualifying conditions require the Heroic Spirits to have legends as knights of the sword, and it is the class that requires the highest levels of attributes in all but the Magic attribute.

The standard opinion is that the Saber class is best of the seven classes and the strongest of the Servants. They will generally have an overwhelming advantage over Caster-class Servants who use magecraft as their main offensive ability due to their Magic Resistance. The weakness of the class is its straightforwardness in battle, only able to attack the enemy with their sword while unable to resort to other tactics like the Presence Concealment of the Assassin Class.


ARCHER is the Heroic Spirit of the Bow, and is one of the Three Knight classes along with Saber and Lancer. Servants placed within this class excel in possessing powerful Noble Phantasms, and are able to act as highly effective scouts. The qualifying condition for the Heroic Spirits is not attributes, but instead the possession of powerful projectile weapons or special abilities related to projectile weapons. They possess high Magic Resistance as a Class Skill, so most modern magi are unable to inflict damage to them. They also possess Independent Action, allowing them the ability to act independently for a length of time without an active supply of magical energy from their Master.

For Archers with high ranked Independent Action and a disposition opposite the Master, the only guaranteed way to control them is through the use of Command Spells. Servants will generally assume that the Noble Phantasm of an Archer class Servant is their bow, but any projectile weapons, even firearms or thrown weapons, can be indicative of an Archer.


LANCER is the Heroic Spirit of the Lance, and is considered one of the Three Knight classes along with Saber and Archer. Servants placed within this class, many of which are Heroic Spirits who were knights, are very agile, proficient in hit-and-run tactics that capitalize on range and speed, and skilled with long-range melee weapons such as spears and lances. The qualifying conditions to be placed within the class are second only to the Saber class, requiring overall excellent attributes and a high agility attribute. Their class abilities are Magic Resistance and Battle Continuation.


RIDER is the Heroic Spirit of the Mount. Servants placed within this class are those known for riding mounts, living beasts or human constructs, during their lives. They generally have lower attributes compared to the Three Knight Classes, but the abilities of the mounts described in their legends compensate by granting them powerful Noble Phantasms or abilities. They have the class abilities of Magic Resistance and a high rank in Riding, allowing them to fully utilize the abilities of their mounts. Depending on the rank, they can take full control of everything from simple horses, modern machinery like motorcycles and planes, and even Divine Beasts. Dragons are the only exception, as the ability to ride them falls under a different skill.


BERSERKER is the Heroic Spirit of Berserker Rage. Servants placed within this class are always Heroic Spirits who have gone berserk during battle at least once in their lifetime. This trait allows them to use the special ability Mad Enhancement, which trades their consciousness and sanity for a large power boost. This class is usually for magi who have summoned Heroic Spirits with insufficient abilities and attributes, allowing them to strengthen their Servants to make up for their lower attributes and compete against stronger opponents. While it is ideal for Servants to reach the level of the Heroic Spirit, the class allows for their attributes to surpass even the original. If used on an already strong Heroic Spirit, such as Heracles, they will become empowered to truly extraordinary levels. The abuse of this to create powerful Servants has made the class referred to as the strongest of all seven classes.

This class comes at a price, as the Berserker class is the most difficult to control and a Master must expend a large amount of additional magical energy merely to maintain the Berserker, and the affected Heroic Spirit may lose access to certain abilities or even Noble Phantasms depending on how much sanity it taken away for power. Masters are unable to utilize coordination with their Servant unless gifted with superb control over them. The lack of complex rational thinking keeps them from being able to follow more than simple directions, and it may even require Command Spells to keep them from acting on their own. They generally rely on little other than brute strength and overwhelming, uncontrolled strikes to physically beat down their opponents.


CASTER is the Heroic Spirit of Spells and Sorcery. Servants placed within this class are usually adept in magecraft, and the only qualifying condition is the mastery of sorceries of the highest caliber compared to the specific parameter requirements of the other classes. Servants of this Class are the only Servants able to use Magecraft. However, due to not requiring any strong statistics, they generally have low combat abilities, and due to the majority of Servants having some form of Magic Resistance, this class is thought to be the weakest of all seven. They make up for this with other means, using magecraft that no longer exists in the current age and, no matter which Heroic Spirit is of the class, possessing many possible ploys to be used against enemies. Those of the Saber class can likely challenge any Caster who uses magecraft as their main offensive ability without needing to plan due to their high Magic Resistance, while those of lesser resistance like the Rider class may require more strategy. Their class abilities are Territory Creation, altering the surrounding lands in favor of their sorcery, and Item Construction, which allows the magus to create magical items and tools.


ASSASSIN is the Heroic Spirit of Assassinations. Servants of this class are skilled at operating covertly, stealthy, and silently. This class is one of the weaker classes at fighting; as its members possess low attributes due to not having glorious legends as heroes; so it instead specializes in killing Masters rather than Servants. It is an oddity compared to the more formal knight classes who believe in fair duels and chivalry in combat; they will attack using the most unfair and favorable conditions; and with these conditions, it is possible for an Assassin to match and defeat other Servants.

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Re: Servant Application [2/4 approved]

Post by Kayte on Tue Jul 14, 2015 10:41 pm

Archer, please!


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